Membership Benefits

ACPP regularly pursues new and valuable vendor service lines for our members. Member announcements are made as we continue to expand our partnerships and benefits.

More Benefits of Joining the ACPP

Every level of membership provides fantastic benefits. Here is a brief overview of the benefits provided in each level of membership.

Member Referral Incentive

All members receive a $100 credit to their account for referring new members. Once the referred member completes the ACPP credentialing process, we will apply the $100 credit to your account. Your account credits can be used to cover your membership dues for the following year, or you can apply credits to one of our preferred partnerships.

The larger our organization, the more benefits we can provide to our members. As a nonprofit, we apply the margins of all collections to the direct benefit of our members. When you join the ACPP, you become an owner of the ACPP.

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